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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is film 'x' playing in a cinema near me?
    Quite possibly. If you're looking for this information please visit the film details page (you can use the search box above). If the film is showing in cinemas today or soon the there will be a link on the right-hand side of film details page to show you where. All you need to do is enter your postcode. If you can't find any screenings in your area, you can sign up for a e-mail reminder/alert - just visit the film details page.
  2. Why isn't film 'x' playing in my local cinema?
    There are several reasons:
    • The cinema chain does not have enough copies of the film to allow them to show the film in all their cinemas. If this is the case, the film may eventually be shown in your local cinema.
    • The cinema will not make enough money from showing the film so may decide not to show it. They are a business after all!
    • The film company/distributor decide to only show the film in a select number of cinemas (i.e. key cities).
  3. When/where can I buy advance tickets for film 'x'?
    We do not have this kind of information. The film distributor or your local cinema may be able to help. Click here for a list of cinemas.
  4. When will film 'x' start/stop showing in cinema(s) 'y'
    Please contact the cinema(s) in question directly and ask them.
  5. When and/or where is film 'x' being shown near me?
    Please find the film on this site and look for the link to display cinemas. This currently only works for today but we are working on adding functionality which allow you to find when a film is showing near you with the option of getting an e-mail reminder when the film is being shown.
  6. Film 'x' is showing on FilmDates.co.uk as being released today but it's not showing in any cinema
    The release date may have changed at the last minute (in the past some release dates have changed on the day of release) or it's showing in a cinema for which we do not have the show times.
  7. When is film 'x' being released on DVD/Blu-ray or in country 'y'?
    Sorry, but we only list UK cinema release dates.
  8. Which cinemas are showing film 'x'?
    Take a look at the film page, if we know of any cinema showing the film there will be a box on the right hand side. It will either state how many cinemas are showing the film, or, when it's next showing. Click the box to see the list/map of cinemas.
  9. Can you send me an e-mail when film 'x' is released or in cinemas near me?
    Yes, if you take a look at the page for the film in question, you'll find a link below the movie synopsis and other details which starts with "Click here to get an e-mail reminder". Click the link and input your details. Job done!
  10. Where can I buy tickets to the premiere of film 'x'?
    The premiere screenings to which the cast attend are usually by invitation only. It may be possible to win tickets but it's very unlikely you will be able to purchase them.
    You can go to the premiere event and watch the stars arrive without a ticket. See MarkMeets.com for more information on premieres.
  11. When is film 'x' last showing in cinemas?
    Please either check our cinema listings (selecting the film you're interested in) or contact your local cinema(s). Please click here for a list of cinemas.
    However, please note that some of our listings only go a week in advance.
  12. How do you calculate your estimated DVD/Blu-ray release dates?
    Our estimated DVD and Blu-ray release dates are based on the average time it takes after cinema release before the film is release on DVD/Blu-ray.
  13. Can you confirm that a celebrity will be at a premiere?
    Unfortunately not. We cannot provide this information. Try contacting them via their official site, Facebook page or Twitter account.
  14. Why aren't listings for my local cinema available on your site?
    Currently, if a cinema doesn't provide us with listings we can't show them. Please send us details and we'll do our best to include the cinema listings.
Couldn't find the answer you were looking for? Please use our contact page.
Please note that although the UK cinema release date schedule on images.FilmDates.co.uk is updated regularly, a release date can change at very short notice. Usually the closer a film is to its release date, the less likely its release date (and any other information) will change.
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